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 +===== 3'a novajxletero / English beneath =====
 +Hello dear partycipants.
 +The news are as follows;
 +Approximately half of you have confirmed, thank you for that, the other half - Please confirm ASAP! Thank you! If you do not confirm your participation soon you may loose your slot. Please contact us now-ish if you have not yet done so.
 +Important practicalities:
 +1. How to reach us @ Roskilde (Entrance EAST)
 +2. Stuff to bring
 +On the 29'th of June we start guarding the entrance to this road http://goo.gl/maps/vqPNI at 08:00, go to this location and get current instructions from the guys in orange wests located there, please confirm that they are from the esperanto group before accepting their guidelines.
 +Around 14:00 buses start taking people in pendulum traffic from roskilde train station to entrance east (and west), this location is entrance EAST - We will meet there. The putting up of the tents will according to plan happen at 18:00 o'clock.
 +2. What we all should bring to Roskilde in order to have a great party together:
 +  - Warm clothing
 +  - Rain suit
 +  - Rubber boots
 +  - Sleeping bag
 +  - Lamp, if possible to wear on your head
 +  - Swim wear (if you don't like to swim naked)
 +  - Sunglasses
 +  - Sun cream
 +  - Anti-mosquito
 +  - Tent - if you need some privacy (group tents will be filled up as needed)
 +All the best - The organizing team.
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